Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why the British Home Front?

We've had people ask us why we concentrate on the British home front. The main reason is that many of our members, or their immediate families, were there during WWII, and lived through it. Many others had family members in other impacted European countries during that time. 

And while we concentrate on the home front in Britain, we also talk about our own home front right here in Canada. We discuss the differences between our home fronts , and also how Canadians helped many home fronts in Europe during the war. 

One of our members, Patrick Gilliland, says:

"There is a myth that Britain stood alone but she didn't. 
The Canadian connection is unavoidable. My family was kept alive in part with Canadian grown food, delivered on Canadian ships manned by Canadian merchant mariners protected by the RCN. Overhead flew Canadian or Commonwealth pilots trained in Canada under the CATP and likely flying planes built in Canada or under the auspices of Lord Beaverbrook - a Canadian. A large number of Canadian radio and radar officers were sent to serve in the Royal Air Force. In Britain's darkest hour one of the most capable and best armed divisions in Britain was Canadian, and Canadian troops defended Britain while her own men (and women) were involved in North Africa and the Far East. The other nations and members of the Commonwealth and the Empire were also heavily involved. Prior to, and especially after, 1941, the Americans stepped up as well. None of these groups and their home fronts should be forgotten.

This past weekend I was able to talk to people with Dutch, Canadian, Polish, East Asian, Sikh and British backgrounds about the home front(s) in a context that was applicable and meaningful to them."

One of the ways Canada helped the British home front was through the Milk for Britain campaign run by the Kinsmen and Kinswomen. They helped a huge portion of the British population stay healthy throughout the war, and for a time afterward as well.

This is just one way we helped Britain. Our group is very happy to educate the public about all the ways that Canada was a huge support to our allies.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

We Will Never Surrender


We are a group of history enthusiasts based in Ontario, Canada. We have come together to research and portray the men, women, and children who fought the good fight from the British home front during WWII.

Our very first event was during the Ottawa Tulip festival this past weekend. 

Our first time out.

Part of our set up, but by no means all of it.

We're looking forward to participating in many future events.

If you would like us to join you at your historical event, please contact us.

Cheers from all of us!

Why the British Home Front?